AVA Munch

About us


AVA Munch Ltd (“AVA Munch”) is a new and exciting European brand.  Founded in 2021 it is a brand that demonstrates the highest levels of quality assurance, fair trade, fun and education.  Integrity, professionalism, ethics and education are the cornerstones of the AVA Munch brand.

AVA Munch and its associated sister companies are the producers, distributors, graders and packers so we have complete control of our supply chain.  This ensures that our standards are maintained from the ground to the retail outlet.

With our own packing facility in the UK we are able to ensure the process for ripening our fruit is perfected.  Strong traceability is also key to our success.

AVA Munch is starting to build the AVA Munch family.  A group of fruit and vegetable characters which will soon provide educational videos.  We see AVA Munch as having endless possibilities to improve agricultural performance, healthy eating and education. We look forward to exploring these routes in the coming years.

Founder’s Note

This is a new and exciting opportunity to really demonstrate fair trade.  Our sister company works closely with many smaller famers which often produces mixed maturity in our produce.  Due to our strong traceability and our finely tuned grading, scanned and ripening process in the UK we can sort the fruit and ripen to perfection.

Not only does this mean our fruit is perfect but it also significantly reduces waste and ensures smaller farmers are able to export at a fair-trade rate. This in turn enhances the regions in which we operate.  Our ability to educate those famers and sponsor their growth is also very exciting.